Wopta for you


The solution to guarantee financial support to you and your family in case of unexpected events

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Don't be unprepared

How important are affections and people dear to you? How to protect your and their standard of living in the event of serious unexpected events that prevent you from producing income? How much is the guarantee of a protected economic future worth?

We have thought of everything, to make your life more serene, easy and advantageous.


Concrete support

Wopta for you Life is the innovative insurance solution designed to guarantee concrete support in the event of unforeseen events that can compromise your and your family's economic stability.


Simple and advantageous

You choose the sums and guarantees you need.

The premium is fixed and blocked for up to 20 years.

The coverage is certain and invariable even in the event of changing health conditions, but if you want, cancel every year, without penalties, and you have 30 days from the purchase to reconsider.

Benefits each year of the tax deduction of 19% on the premium paid (excluding the premium for the case of temporary incapacity). And the beneficiaries, in the event of death, will not pay any inheritance tax on the insured capital.


It can happen also to you

Protect yourself with the right solution

Total Permanent Disability
Total Temporary Incapacity
Serious illness

Before subscribing, read the information set available at the Documentation section.

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